VIrtual Classroom




It has been decided to make virtual classes available for difficult subjects like Maths, English, Science, etc. of classes 9th to 12th, by identifying one higher secondary school in each 313 blocks.It is proposed that outstanding teachers of the state conduct these classes, so that students of whole state can avail their benefit. This will increase achievement level of students of the state.


Objectives of the Program


  • Enhance teaching quality of schools.
  • Tackle problem of lack of teachers in the schools of rural areas through distance education
  • Facilitate benefits of excellent teachers to everyone.
  • Facilitate benefits of technology to everyone.
  • Simplify hard subjects through technology.
  • Though specialized trainings, prepare students of rural areas for competitive examinations




Students and Teachers of classes 9th to 12th of selected higher secondary schools from 313 blocks of the state.


Brief Description of the Program


Teaching End will be installed in Bhopal and Learning Ends will be installed in all of the selected schools in 313 Blocks. Students of all schools will be able to see and listen the lectures delivered from Bhopal. Students will be able to ask questions too.


Each selected school will develop a cell in its premises which will be called as Learning End. The cell will have all the required instruments such as computer, TV/projector, camera, etc. Each cell will have capacity to accommodate approximately 40 students. Subject teachers will also be present in the room in order to resolve the immediate questions.


The program will utilize SWAN network provided by Department of IT at each Block headquarters.


Based on the success of the program its reach and utilization may be extended in the future.