About Us
Institutions and Organizations functioning under this department
Mission of the Department
Optimal utilization of unmatched opportunities, Unexplored avenues and untapped possibilities in the MP-IT sector through multi pronged strategy of e-Infrastructure creation to facilitate and promote e-governance, promotion of Information Technology- Information Technology Enabled Services Industry, providing support for creation of Innovation / Research & Development (R&D),Capacity building and talent pool creation in the state.
Vision of the Department
Inclusive e-Development of Madhya Pradesh through promotion & implementation of IT and e-Governance by working as an engine to bridge the digital-divide and build "Seamless Society with Global Opportunities"
Objectives of the Department
  • To promote use of IT/ITES in various Departments, Corporations, Companies, Societies, Boards etc. of Government of Madhya Pradesh by providing Consultancy, Software development, Networking, Hardware / Software procurement, Testing, Training and System Integration Services.
  • To attract IT investment in the State by establishing Hardware & Software Technology Parks, Special Economic Zones, and related infrastructure development.
  • To implement Common infrastructure for e-Governance in the State like State Wide Area Network (SWAN), Common Service Centres (CSC), State Portal etc. To help other Govt Departments in implementation of e-Governance projects.
  • To promote and develop Electronics and Information Technology (including information technology enabled services) industries in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  • To establish companies, associations for starting and taking over or conducting Electronics/IT industrial enterprises of any description, take over the management of Electronic Industrial units with a view to improving their work, to operate as agency of State Government in schemes designed to develop Electronics/IT Industry in Madhya Pradesh or elsewhere.
  • To act generally as an industrial, management, financial and technical consultants and in particular to advise prospective entrepreneurs, concerns and corporate bodies assistance and service to them for the development of Electronics/IT industries. 
  • To provide IT inputs to government departments/agencies and to assist them in computerisation and networking.
  • To facilitate Human Resource Development in the field of IT in the Government.
  • To undertake any other function(s) as may be assigned by the State Government.