Common Services Centers

A Common Service Center, or CSC in short, is envisaged as a medium to improve the living standard of common man in the rural parts, by enabling electronic delivery of information, knowledge, skills and services which they need the most CSC is expected to reduce the time and cost involved in obtaining some of rural services such as agri/farm inputs & prices, weather forecast, public grievance redressal, government to citizen information & services etc. The CSC is designed as a one-stop-centre for government related services along with a bouquet of several business related services. A beneficiary of the CSC will be able to enjoy a wide variety of services at a nominal cost, in his village. Common Services Centres can offer a large basket of services through e-medium. Across the state , 9223 CSCs have been established so far which are working through the state designated agencies (SDAs) and more than 70% of them are operational.